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1- What is Independent Audit?

Independent audit implies that reporting of companies’ financial statements and other financial information based on determined criteria (for instance financial reporting standards accepted or determined by the Board for listed companies) by gathering reasonable assurance and using all techniques in generally accepted independent auditing standards with auditing companies’ books, records and documents.

2- Companies that are subject to Independent Audit on Capital Markets  

Over the scope of Board, the companies’ yearly financial statements that are subject to independent audit go as follows:

  • Incorporated Companies which has shares on transaction at stock exchange,

  • Companies whose shares are about to be on stock exchange or shares which are accounted to be on stock exchange,

  • Banks which are in the position of intervention,

  • Stock Brokers,

  • Portfolio management companies,

  • Investment Funds,

  • Pension Investment Funds,

  • Investment Companies,

  • Housing Funds,

  • Asset Funds,

  • Heritable Security Enterprises,

  • Stock Markets act as Incorporated Company which are arranged at law, Organized other markets and other exchange enterprises and

  • Other companies which the board states necessary to be audited.

There is information regarding how to audit these firms on starting decisions of  Communiqué regarding Independent Auditing Standards on Capital Markets.



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